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Thread Contributor: astao32Wifi Module manufacturers
Low-power, highly-integrated Wi-Fi solution
A minimum of 7 external components
Wide temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
ESP8285 — 8 Mbit flash embedded

General products features
High Durability: ESP8266EX is capable of functioning consistently in industrial environments, due to its wide operating temperature range. With highly-integrated on-chip features and minimal external discrete component count, the chip offers reliability, compactness and robustness
Compactness: integrated with a 32-bit Tensilica processor, standard digital peripheral interfaces, antenna switches, RF balun, power amplifier, low noise receive amplifier, filters and power management modules. All of them are included in one small package, our ESP8266EX.
Power-Saving Architecture: Engineered for mobile devices, wearable electronics and IoT applications, ESP8266EX achieves low power consumption with a combination of several proprietary technologies. The power-saving architecture features three modes of operation: active mode, sleep mode and deep sleep mode. This allows battery-powered designs to run longer.
32-bit Tensilica Processor: he ESP8266EX microcontroller integrates a Tensilica L106 32-bit RISC processor, which achieves extra-low power consumption and reaches a maximum clock speed of 160 MHz. The Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) and Wi-Fi stack allow about 80% of the processing power to be available for user application programming and development.

Related part :
Part numberDesWork TemperatureSize(mm)SPQ
ESP8266EXSMD IC ESP8266EX,QFN32-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+125 °C5x55000
ESP8285SMD IC ESP8285,QFN32-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+125 °C5x55000
ESP8089SMD IC ESP8089,QFN32-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+125 °C5x55000
ESP32-D0WDSMD IC ESP32-D0WD,Double core MCU,Wi-Fi&BT,QFN48-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+125 °C5x55000
ESP32-D0WDQ6SMD IC ESP32-D0WDQ6,Double coreMCU,Wi-Fi&BT,QFN48-pin,6*6mm–40 °C ~+125 °C6x63000
ESP32-D2WDSMD IC ESP32-D2WD,Double coreMCU,Wi-Fi&BT,2MB flash,QFN48-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+105 °C5x55000
ESP32-S0WDSMD IC ESP32-S0WD,MCU,Wi-Fi&BT,QFN48-pin,5*5mm–40 °C ~+125 °C5x55000
ESP-WROOM-02D SMD Module ESPWROOM-02D,With ESP8266EX, 2MB SPI flash,SupportUART Mode–40 °C ~+85 °C18×20×3.2650
ESP-WROOM-02D(4MB)SMD Module ESPWROOM-02D, with ESP8266EX, 4MB SPI flash,support UARTMode–40 °C ~+85 °C18×20×3.2650
ESP-WROOM-02USMD Module ESPWROOM-02U,with ESP8266EX,2MB SPI flash,UARTMode,outside IPEX antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×14.3×3.2650
ESP-WROOM-02U(4MB)SMD Module ESPWROOM-02U,with ESP8266EX, 4 MB SPI flash,UART Mode,outside IPEX antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×14.3×3.2650
ESP-WROOM-02SMD Module,with ESP8266EX, 2MB SPI flash,UART Mode–40 °C ~+85 °C18×20×2.8650
ESP-WROOM-S2SMD Module,with ESP8266EX, 2MB SPI flash,SPI Mode–40 °C ~+85 °C16×23×2.8650
ESP32-WROOM-32D(4MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 4MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×25.5×3.1650
ESP32-WROOM-32D(8MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 8MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×25.5×3.1650
ESP32-WROOM-32D(16MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 16MB SPI flash,inside PC antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×25.5×3.1650
ESP32-WROOM-32U(4MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 4MB SPI flash, IPEX antenna connector–40 °C ~+85 °C18×19.2×3.2650
ESP32-WROOM-32U(8MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 8MB SPI flash, IPEX connector–40 °C ~+85 °C18×19.2×3.2650
ESP32-WROOM-32U(16MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 16MB SPI flash, IPEX connector–40 °C ~+85 °C18×19.2×3.2650
ESP32-WROOM-32SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD, 4MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×25.5×3.1550
ESP32-SOLO-1(4MB)SMD Module,with one core ESP32-S0WD, 4MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+85 °C18×25.5×3.1650
ESP32-WROVER-B(4MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,4MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER-B(8MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,8MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER-B(16MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,16MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER-IB(4MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,4MB SPI flash,IPEX connector–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER-IB(8MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,8MB SPI flash,IPEX connector–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER-IB(16MB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WD,3.3V、8MB PSRAM,16MB SPI flash,IPEX connector–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER(PCB)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WDQ6,1.8V、8MB PSRAM,4MB SPI flash,inside PCB antenna–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650
ESP32-WROVER(IPEX)SMD Module,with ESP32-D0WDQ6, 1.8V、8MB PSRAM, 4MB SPI flash,IPEX connector–40 °C ~+65 °C18×31.4×3.3650

• Home appliances
• Home automation
• Smart plugs and lights
• Industrial wireless control
• Baby monitors
• IP cameras
• Sensor networks
• Wearable electronics
• Wi-Fi location-aware devices
• Security ID tags
• Wi-Fi position system beacons
More details or datasheet pls be free to contact us by info@sz-goodview.comWifi Module manufacturers

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